• Medical Applications

    Optical fibers and hanpieces

  • OEM

    Unique solutions based on specific applications

  • Industrial Applications

    Optical and mechanical components for laser applications


Bosco Ottica since 1994

Bosco Ottica is more than standard solutions: is definitely a design and realization oriented company about optical systems, lenses and related high precision mechanical parts.

Specialized on optical fiber processing and on the evaluation and measure of laser behaviour.

We strongly belive crucial to have a complete product know-how, so we design and verify every aspect, taking care of the assembly and the final testing phases. Design and simulation make the production process resilient and repeatable. Moreover, thanks to the position of some customers on the global market, our products are already used all over the world.

Bosco Ottica is the best partner for companies who need custom product development.

Success Factors

Experience and competency

Experience and competency

Experience on optical fiber market about medical and industrial laser, jointly with technical and scientific competency achieved on laser applications, especially due to development of innovative solutions, make us able to constantly satisfy any kind of development request of laser systems

Technical instruments

Technical instruments

Thanks to software and simulation programs, each phase of product development is under analysis and test



We deal in development and realization of optical and mechanical components involved in the laser delivery within an optical fiber, from source to final system

By producing ourselves almost all components, we have more control on final products quality